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The Dobbs Ferry Historical Society publishes The Ferryman three times a year for distribution to all Dobbs Ferry residents and mails it to all out of town members. Included are articles on local history as well as news of the society’s activities. We urge villagers to submit stories and photos of local interest for publication. If you have a tale that must be told, let us know by calling [914] 674-1007.

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Fall 2022
  • Greenburgh Hebrew Center Is 75!
  • Dobbs Ferry On Their Minds: Mayors Bova, Marra, Monahan On Growing Up Here, and More…by Teresa Walsh
  • From The Desk of The President, by Madeline Byrne
  • Picture Postcards: A Window In Time, by Alan Steinfeld
Spring 2022
  • Pompeii Celebrates 100 Years
  • President’s Page: Upaway Estate, McKenna Family Donations, Did you know?
  • Kris Lent, WWII Flyer, by Teresa Walsh
  • Ukraine: A Personal Perspective, by Olena Nabatov
  • Revolutionary Era Historian Visits Dobbs Ferry, by Ellen Klein
  • Spotlight on Dobbs Ferry Business, by Madeline Byrne
  • Dobbs Ferry Historical Society Website Inspires Local Teacher, by Teresa Walsh


Winter 2021
  • The 20th-Century Ferry: Quirky Amenity for an Artists’ Colony, by Jim Luckett
  • Wires, Wires, Everywhere, by Gerard Coffey
  • Our Own Star of Stage and Screen, Peggy Conklin by Teresa Walsh
  • Zion Episcopal, A Local Treasure, by Emily Kahn
  • From the President’s Desk, by Madeline Byrne
  • Comments from Readers
  • H. DeWitt Dobbs and His Hats, by Madeline Byrne and Alan Steinfeld
Summer 2021
  • The Ferry Shrinks, but Survives, in the Late 1800s, by Jim Luckett
  • Yes, Dig They Must, by Gerard Coffey
  • Research at the Archives – Willoughby’s Market by Madeline Byrne
  • Ernie Howell Reflects on His Life, by Maria Harris
  • Essay Contest 2021: essays by Maeve Larson and Ariana Biberaj
  • Lilacs
Winter 2021
  • The Ferry Sails Into The Age of Steam, by Jim Luckett
  • Matthew K. Couzens: Preservationist by Design? by Gerard W. Coffey
  • Good News Amid The Pandemic! by Daniel Schwartz
  • The Road to Dobbs Ferry, Ashford Avenue by Madeline Byrne
  • Paradise…Or Parking Lot? by Ellen Milhan Klein


Fall 2020
Footnotes (separate document)
  • Welcome To The Road To Freedom Issue
  • The Decision That Changed History
  • Col. Hamilton Jeopardizes Secrecy
  • Andre’s Preferred Meeting Place Was Dobbs Ferry
  • Military Units of the Past Join Freedom Day Commemorations
  • Dobbs Ferry in 1781 by Larry Blizard
  • The Other Road To Freedom by Jim Luckett
Summer 2020
  • The Ferry In The Revolution (Dobbs Family, Part VII), by Jim Luckett
  • So, Who Was the First Policeman in Dobbs Ferry?
    By Alan Steinfeld and Madeline Byrne
  • Remembering a Beloved Firefighter by Teresa Walsh
  • The Man of a Thousand Faces by Larry Blizard
  • Remembering Bruce Platt
Winter 2020
  • The Ferry Takes Root On The West Bank (Dobbs Family, Part VI), by Jim Luckett
  • The Levelers Are Coming! The Levelers Are Coming!
    By Larry Blizard
  • An Early 19th-Century Time Capsule, By Peggie Blizard
  • A Remembrance of Pharmacies Past, By Joe Bova
  • A Word From the Presidents
  • New Dobbs Ferry Walking Tour, By Madeline Byrne
  • Dobbs Ferry’s First Police Officer


Fall 2019
  • John Dobbs Makes It To Dobbs Ferry (Dobbs Family, Part V), by Jim Luckett
  • R.I.P In Dobbs Ferry, by Larry Blizard
  • A Chat With a Feminist Pioneer – Interview with Muriel Fox
    Co-Founder, National Organization for Women
  • Reinventing History at the Masters School, By Rachel O’Connell,
  • The Libraries of Dobbs Ferry, By Judith Doolin Spikes
Summer 2019
  • The Dobbs Family, Dislocated by Rebellion (Dobbs Family, Part IV), by Jim Luckett
  • The Day Garfield Didn’t Visit, by Richard Borkow
  • Time for an Aqueduct District? by Sonya Terjanian
  • Dobbs Ferry Historical Society Resources by Alan Steinfeld
  • A Recent Inquiry: Spotlight on 18 Ashford, by Madeline Byrne
Winter 2019
  • The Dobbs Family In Rural Manhattan (Dobbs Family, Part III), by Jim Luckett
  • The Other War of 1918: The Local Impact of the Flu Epidemic by Ellen Milhan Klein
  • The Big One: Looking Back at the Blizzard of 1888
  • Mildred Emory Persinger, by Mary Donovan
  • Who Was This Ladies’ Man?, by Peggy Blizard
Volume XXIX, No. 3
  • The Dobbs Family In Manhattan (Dobbs Family, Part II), By Jim Luckett
  • The Villards of Dobbs Ferry and the Great War, by Richard Borkow
  • Not Just Garbage: The Wickers Creek Shell Midden, by Tom Morrison
  • Possible Native American Burial Ground on Oliphant Avenue, by Larry Blizzard
  • A Healing Brunch, by Larry Blizzard
  • The Arone Pharmacy and ‘Doc’ Columbus Arone, by Patricia Arone
Volume XXIX, No. 2
  • The Dobbs Family Before Dobbs Ferry, (Dobbs Family, Part I), by Jim Luckett
  • Dobbs Ferry Historical Society Essay Contest
  • Why Immigrants Matter, by Darian Ahmadizadeh
  • The Rich History of Zion’s Victory Bell, by Niall Cain
  • The Case of the Plaque at Our Doorstep, by Peggie Blizard
  • The Lost Hamlet of Chauncey, by Judith Doolin Spikes


Spring 2018
  • Messmore Kendall and His Mansion of Myth by Larry Blizard
  • Why Monuments Matter by Daniel Schwartz
  • Historic Landmarks and Districts in Dobbs Ferry: An Update by Sonya Terjanian
  • Memorial Day Picnic at the Mead House


Spring 2017
  • The Portrait of Van Brugh Livingston
    by Larry Blizard
  • A Recent Inquiry: The Concrete Houses
  • Her Happy Hundred Years: Meet Peg Baviello, by Betsy Hunter
  • Revolutionary War Documents In Dobbs Ferry, by Larry Blizard
  • Our Newest Digital Venue: Flickr.com


Fall 2016
  • The New Idea Washer Machine of William Wallace Allen by Mary S. Donovan
  • The Scaperrotta Windows by Alan Steinfeld and Madeline Byrne
  • The Vano Grande Window by Alan Steinfeld and Madeline Byrne
  • The Little White Church Cemetery Restoration Update: Oct./Nov. 2016 by Linda Borkow
Summer 2016
  • Dobbs Ferry: The War Years by William E. and Ronald Bray
  • The Genius of 75 Main Street: Dobbs Ferry’s “Thomas Edison”, Charles Spiro
  • The Two Dobbs Ferrys: to 1765 by Jean Fritz
  • Historical Happenings: A Village Mystery Solved! The Eagle at Springhurst Elementary School
Winter 2016
  • The Rimoli Stained Glass Windows of Our Lady of Pompeii
  • A Memorial to the Veterans Buried in the Little White Church Cemetery by Linda Borkow
  • James Garfield’s Connection to Dobbs Ferry
  • William Dobbs


Spring 2015
  • Portrait of a Young Officer by Ian Connett
  • Henry C Klein views “better Dobbs Ferry”; presents Master Plan
  • Summer Kitchen Open to Visitors
  • The Street that never was: Dock Street by Madeline Byrne & Alan Steinfeld
Fall 2015
  • Fowl play in Dobbs Ferry by Madeline Byrne, Alan Steinfeld
  • Establishing Historic Landmarks and Districts in Dobbs Ferry by Sonya Terjanian
  • Henry Villard’s Folly by Mildred Persinger
  • The Belden behind Belden Avenue by Julia Unger
  • Grapes & Olives: A Celebration of Italians in Dobbs Ferry
Winter 2015
  • 145 Palisade: From Brews To Bibles, By Mary S. Donovan and Charles Geard
  • The Oxford Market and the Westchester Pigeon Club By Peggie & Larry Blizard
  • The Italian-American Project
  • New arrival at Mead House – an unexpected gift from the former home of Dr. & Mrs. Harold Storms
  • Road To Freedom, 2016


Spring 2014
  • Captain William Henry Dobbs : Pilot of the Continental Army by Charles E Dobbs
  • The Judson Family Photo Album by William Newman
  • The First Rhode Island Regiment by Richard Borkow
  • Mary Sudman Donovan Day proclaimed in Dobbs Ferry and Westchester Country
  • Trustee Maria Harris Honored as community activist
Fall 2014
  • Dobbs Ferry Historical Society to receive Cabrini of Westchester’s Centennial Award by Judith Doolin Spikes
  • Special Issue Celebrating St. Frances Xavier Cabrini and the institution she founded
  • In Dobbs Ferry by Judith Doolin Spikes
  • Annual Meeting feature Niall Cain speaking on “From Philipsburg to Dobbs Ferry: How Zoning Forms our Communities”


Spring 2013
  • The Little White Church Cemetery: A Virtual Walk Through the Past, By Dr. Alan Steinfeld
  • James Bremner: Keeper of the Aqueduct By Dr. Alan Steinfeld
  • A Tree is Planted in Memory of Larry Klein
  • A New Development in Town? A History of Chauncey
  • On the Street Where You Live: Belden Ave. by Yelena Krasnozhen
Fall 2013
  • The Rededication of the Little White Church Cemetary on Ashford
  • The Mystery Of Morton Paters Pond by Madeline Byrne and Alan Steinfeld
  • The Choicest Suburb Of New York (in 1892) by Robin Costello
  • On The Street Where You Live… Robert Green Ingersoll


Winter 2012
  • The Case Of The Missing Truck by Ellen Milhan Klein
  • The Hughsons Of Dobbs Ferry by Larry Blizzard
  • A Testimonial from Forkland Lane by Drew and Julie Coburn
  • Our Debt of Gratitude to the Dobbs Ferry Garden Club
  • On the Street Where You Live – Mohican Park Avenue by Madeline Byrne
  • The Historical Society is Proud to Present Jay Doolin Spikes and Anne Marie Leone’s New Book: Dobbs Ferry Then & Now by Judith Doolin Spikes and Anne Marie Leone
Summer 2012
  • Father & Son, The Two Mike Todds by Larry Blizard
  • Fanny Garrison Villard Civil Rights Champion at The Dawn of the 20th Century by Jean Fritz
  • Treasures In The Attic – The Photographic Gems Found In Our Archives by Robin Costello
  • Remembering Jon Nielson by Mildred Persinger
Fall 2012
  • Up, Up, And Away In Dobbs Ferry With Movie Legends Lawrence Oliver & Vivien Leigh by Larry Blizard
  • On the Street Where You Live:David Ogden Bradley by Madeline Byrne
  • Dr. John Cochran Physician, Surgeon, and Hero Of The American Revolution by Mary S. Donovan
  • If These Walls Could Speak… 72 Colonial Avenue by Jim Luckett


Spring 2011
  • Isabella Niven Wilder. For Thornton Wilder’s Mom: ‘Our Town’ Was Dobbs Ferry by Larry Blizzard
  • The Corner Drug Store by Terry Kessler Schwartz & Howard J.Pobiner
  • The 1970s
  • Village’s Early Folk History Sits in the Library by Nancy Delmerico
Fall 2011
  • Teddy Roosevelt In Dobbs Ferry by Larry Blizard
  • Meet Some Young Heroes: Our Volunteers
  • Villard Hill: Birth Of A Neighborhood by Madeline Byrne
  • Our 70s Show was a Memorable Success


Spring 2010
  • The Last Lord of The Manor Colonel Frederick Philipse III by Mary Donovan
  • The Biegens of Dobbs Ferry A Family Album by Larry Blizard
Fall 2010
  • Dobbs Ferry Hotels from the Past by Larry Blizard
  • A Tribute to Paul Fix by Larry Blizard
Winter 2010
  • A Land Sale Bonanza: Dividing up Frederick Philipse’s Confiscated Property by Mary S. Donovan
  • 10 Reasons to Join or Renew Membership in the Dobbs Ferry Historical Society
  • “That Terrible Evening in 1905” by Garrett Glaser


Spring 2009
  • Henry Hudson (c.1565-1611)
  • Robert Fulton (1765-1815)
  • Samuel de Champlain (1567-1635)
  • Spring Lecture Series
  • Dobbs Ferry’s Return to the Hudson Quadricentennial Celebration, August 15, 2009
Fall 2009
  • General George Washington has arrived in Dobbs Ferry, book by Mary Sudman Donovan, George Washington at “Head Quarters, Dobbs Ferry”, July 4 to August 19, 1781
  • How Gaby Grunebaum at Age 91, Reached Back Through the Centuries to her Compatriot Private Georg Daniel Flohr by Mavis Cain
  • “The Slipping By of the Years”: Words from 100 Years Ago in the 1909 Dobbs Ferry Register, by Judith E. Adams
  • Dobbs Ferry’s Return to the Hudson Quadricentennial Summer Celebrations
Winter 2009
  • Keeping the Mead House Alive for Community Archives and Events
  • Local Artist Joanna Rock Created Special Wallpaper for the Mead House Parlor
  • A Tribute to Rebecca Browning Rankin by Mary S. Donovan
  • The “Nathan Hale” House by Madeline Byrne
  • Main Street Mystery: Still Unsolved! by Larry Blizard
  • George Washington at “Head Quarters, Dobbs Ferry” July 4 to August 19, 1781
  • Historical Happenings: Interview with Pulitzer Prize Winner David Hackett Fischer by Richard Borkow


Spring 2008
  • We Proudly Introduce: The Dobbs Ferry Historical Society Historic Plaque Program
  • The History of Resolute Hook and Ladder by Neil Sweeting
  • The Little Red House- A Reverie by Larry Blizard
  • A Soldier’s Tale: Private Flohr’s Diary Part IV by Hank Walter
  • Dobbs Ferry Encampment, July 4 to August 19, 1781 by Richard Borkow
Fall 2008
  • Annual Meeting Features Italian Community in Dobbs Ferry (9/23/08)
  • The Mead House – Big Changes Over The Summer
  • Road to Freedom Day – August 17th, 2008
  • Francesco Ricciardi, “Maaestro Francesco” by Mary Donovan
  • Fixing Your Old Photographs by Gerry Mooney
Winter 2008
  • A Walk Through Time with Alice Denike by Larry Blizard
  • Tracing the History of Your Home
  • The Fred Staats Fund for Emergency Repairs
  • Private Flohr’s Time in Rochambeau’s Army, Part V by Hank Walter
  • Salvatore Primeggia Featured in Our Lecture Series


Spring 2007
  • The Dobbs Ferry Hospital- A century of Caring by Mary Donovan
  • Ogden Engine Company No. 1 (Part 2: 1960 to Present Day) by Teresa Walsh
Fall 2007
  • Private Flohr’s Time in Rochambeau’s Army (Part III) Translated by Gabriele H. Gtunebaum by Hank Walter
  • The Road to Freedom Day in Dobbs Ferry
  • Annual Meeting Program Features Bannerman Island
Winter 2007
  • Help Save the Mead House
  • Dobbs Ferry’s Sea Plane Base by Herbert Donovan
  • The Move to Springhurst by Mary Donovan


May, 2006
  • The Browns– The President and First Lady of Dobbs Ferry by Bill Blanck
  • L. Doris Wood: Educator, Correspondent & Friend by Meg Lauer
September 2006
  • Old Engine Company No. 1 by Teresa Walsh
  • Historical Society Revieves Artifact – Plaque from Dobbs Ferry Railroad Station
December 2006
  • August 1781: The March to Freedom
  • “You are Cordially Invited…”
  • 1840 Odell Farmhouse and Barn: George W. Odell & Esther Emma Burfield, Part II by Georgette Hedberg


May, 2005
  • Historical Society Gala Honors Unsung Heroes:Bill Cassella, Goldie Gernivivo, Gail Malara
September 2005
  • Historical Society Gets New Fence
  • “Unsung Heroes” Applauded at Gala
  • Private Flohr’s Time in Rochambeau’s Army, Part II by Hank Walter
Nov, 2005
  • Annual Clara Mead Egg Nog Party and Zion’s Washington Irving Celebration to be Held Sunday, December 11th
  • The Odell Farmers and their Farmhouse by Georgette Hedberg


May, 2004
  • Jean Fritz to be Honored at Spring Gala
  • Remembering One Soldier by Mary Donovan
  • History of Storm Farmhouse, Part II by Denise Wilson
  • Gabriele Grunebaum, former trustee, dies at the age of 93 by Mavis Cain
September 2004
  • Annual Meeting of the Historical Society Features Speech by David McCullough
  • History of the Storm House, Part III by Denise Wilson
  • When Broadway Sent Its Stars to Main Street by Mavis Cain
December 2004
  • The House at 12 Elm Street by Mary Donovan
  • Pvt. Flohr’s Time in Rochambeau’s Army by Hank Walter


April 2003
  • Annual Gala to be Celebrated on May 30th: Hudson Historian to Speak – Col. James
  • Johnson
  • Spring In-Gathering
  • Story of Dobbs Ferry Library, 1899-2003 by Bill Blanck
  • Dobbs Ferry: the Beginnings by Jean Fritz
September 2003
  • Village Photographer Nick Fanelli’s Ground Zero Photos to be Featured at the Sept 19th Annual Meeting
  • Spring Gala a Resounding Success
  • Contributions Welcome for New Pathway for the Disabled at the Mead House
  • Dobbs Ferry Union Free School, 1857-1897 by Mary Donovan
  • Mary Donovan, President of DFHS Since 2002 by Jean Fritz
  • “The Unbrella Lady”, Jean Fritz by Bill Blanck
December 2003
  • Oldest House in Dobbs Ferry by Denise Wilson
  • Story of the Library (cont.) by Bill Blanck
  • Photos from Ground Zero Featured at Annual Meeting


April 2002
  • Historical Society Gala – Tina Marziale, Tony Castello, and Charlie Baiano Honored
  • The Great Spaghetti Dinner That Never Was in 1944 by Brian Wright
  • Food Was Scarce for American Prisoners of War in WW II
  • Founded in 1833 Zion Episcopal Church has Historic Roots by Richard McKeon
September 2002
  • September 11, 2002—A Day of Prayer and Remembrance by Bill Blanck
  • Dobbs Ferry in 2000: A Centennial Portrait by Mary Donovan
  • 20th Century Photos to be Featured at Annual Meeting on September 27 at Our Lady of Pompeii
  • Zion Rings in the 20th Century by Richard McKeon
December 2002
  • 11th Annual “Clara’s Party” set for December 13th
  • Growing Up in Dobbs Ferry by Andrea Fritz
  • Founders of Dobbs Ferry by Jean Fritz


April 2001
  • History of Community Hospital (1993) will be presented at Historical Society’s Gala
  • Rochambeau Monument, 1894, corrected in 2000 by Bill Blanck
  • Old Croton Aqueduct to Connect with Greenway-sponsored Trails
  • Bill McHenry Obit. Died 4/1/2000
September 2001
  • Why The Trolley Didn’t Stop Here by Helen Kirkpatrick
  • New Bronze Plaque Correcting the Washington-Rochambeau Monument Dedicated at
  • July 4th Ceremony by Bill Blanck and Hank Walter
  • Immigrants to be the Topic at Annual Meeting
  • A Thank You for Sister Roselle by Mavis Cain
December 2001
  • In Memoriam–Cecil Jack, Trustee
  • War Comes to Dobbs Ferry—1776–1941–2001 by Bill Blanck
  • What Rrochambeau’s Officers Thought About Us by Jean Fritz
  • Immigrants to be Topic at Annual Meeting on September 28 at Our Lady of Pompeii Hall by Hank Walter


May, 2000
  • Strawberry Festival on June 10th
  • Irish Program Provides Spell-binding Evening
  • Proposed site of Great Hunger Memorial
  • Historian Dennis Maika tells of Slavery in Dobbs Ferry Area
  • Ireland 150 Years Ago
December 2000
  • 1852 Map of Village Given to Society by the SAR; Correction of Monument Described
  • No Fights, No Recounts, No Chads in Trustee Election by Members by Bill Blanck
  • A Village Vote Recount and the Presidential Crisis by Bill Blanck
  • Bill McHenry, a Friend and Contributer to Dobbs Ferry Historical Archives, Dies
  • 1894 Washington Rochambeau Monument Will be Corrected by the Sons of the American Revolution
  • Annual Clara Mead Eggnog Party
  • Villard Family at Thorwood by Hank Walter


April 1999
  • Jean Fritz, A Pioneer of Women’s Liberation: Fanny Garrison Villard, of Dobbs Ferry
  • Dobbs Ferry Historical Society and Sons of American Revolution Agree to Correct Hank Walter, Washington Headquarter’s Monument
September 1999
  • Memories of John Nanna at September 24 Annual Meeting
  • Henry Villard, German Immigrant, Civil War Newsman, Financier, Railroad Builder
  • and Dobbs Ferry Resident by Hank Walter
  • Help Wanted!! Donations Needed to Defray Maintenance Expenditures
December 1999
  • A Holiday Double Bill—First the Clara Mead Eggnog Party And Afterwards
  • The Washington Irving Holiday Celebration at Zion Church
  • The Life and Times of 1900 as Seen by the Dobbs Ferry Register
  • Dobbs Ferry 1933- First in Series of Programs Planned for Membership
  • Garden Club of Dobbs Ferry Donates $4,500 for Society’s Lawn Improvement


September 1998
  • Annual Meeting to Feature Ogden Fire Company
  • The Peaceful Visit of The Rose
  • Bill Blanck, Dobbs Ferry’s Part in the 1898 Spanish American War
  • Bill Blanck, In 1785 Residents Buy Large Tracts of Land Confiscated from Tory Philipse
  • Dobbs Ferry’s Part in the 1898 Spanish American War
April 1998
  • Warren Gardner, Nineteenth Century Health Officer a Potent Influence in Dobbs Ferry
  • Bill Blanck, Our Lady of Pompeii, in the War Years and Afterward–The Cancelled Dinner for Italian War Prisoners
  • May 8th Gala to Feature History of Dobbs Ferry Police
  • Nineteenth Century Health Officer a Potent Influence in Dobbs Ferryman by Warren Gardner
  • Ogden Engine Company No. 1 is 100 Years Old
December 1998
  • “Friends of the Historical Society” Being Formed
  • A Visit to the Direct Descendent of Frederick Philipse III by Mavis Cain


February 1997
  • The Chain at West Point that kept the States United
  • In Memoriam–Raymond Willsea and Demarest Romaine
  • CHAINING THE HUDSON by Lincoln Diamani Reviewed by Jean Fritz
  • Greenburgh Hebrew Center–The First Twenty-five Years by Dr. Arthur David And Joseph Shriro
  • Dobbs Ferry Documented in Detail by Berthier in 1781 by Mavis Cain
  • Stories of the Revolution, Including the Ladies, will be told at Mead House On February 23.
April 1997
  • Greenburgh Hebrew Center Celebrates Jubilee by Rabbi Barry Kenter
  • Jean Fritz, News Spotlighted 100 Years Ago
  • Mavis Cain, Berthier Pinpoints the Location of French and American Armies in the Dobbs Ferry Area in 1781
  • Immigration, “Remember the Ladies”, Were Society’s Winter Programs
  • In Memoriam – Mae Pepper by Hank Walter
September 1997
  • Happy Buyers at Auction Brave Threatening Weather
  • History of the Oceana Building and Its Land by Hank Walter
  • Architect Stephen Tilly Will Describe Oceana Building Restoration at September 26th Annual Meeting
  • Society Begins Fund Appeal in Wake of Costly Emergency Repairs
  • Clock Turned Back 100 Years at Gala
  • Public Health was a Matter of Life and Death in Dobbs Ferry: The Early Years by Warren M. Gardner
December 1997
  • Our Lady of Pompeii Celebrates 75 Years by Hank Walter
  • Public Health in Dobbs Ferry–Village Purchases Odorless Cesspool Cleaner by Warren Gardner
  • In Memoriam: John Ricciardi Bequeaths Society $10,000 in his Sister’s Memory


March 1996
  • Second Church of the Sacred Heart Dedicated a Century Ago
  • Reginald A. Marra Dies—Served on Tinian When Enola Gay Bombed Hiroshima
  • During and After the Blizzards of 1888 and 1947 in Dobbs Ferry
  • Society Receives Letters from World War II Servicemen to Dobbs Teacher L. Doris Wood
  • Diary May Provide Information About Dobbs Ferry Area in 1781
  • In Memoriam – Shirley B. Elbert
  • Members Gather at the Mead House Dedication
April 1996
  • Donation of Items Needed for June 1st Porch and Yard Sale
  • “Dr. Dobbs” and Eighteenth Century Medicine at Dobbs Ferry Historical Society’s April 27 Gala
  • In Memoriam–Catherine Thornton, Ellen Thornton
  • Sacred Heart Church Through Two World Wars
September 1996
  • September 27th Annual Meeting Will Feature Video History of Mayor Nanna’s Tenure During Baby Boom
  • Businesses to Contribute to a Successful Gala
  • The Society Participates in Four Events
  • Church Renovation, Youth Ministry, Jewish Outreach, and Latin were Hallmarks of Msgr.Green’s and Msgr. McManus’ Tenures
December 1996
  • Sacred Heart Today: Involvement
  • In Memoriam–Dr. Joseph Gelsi, Cathleen R. Polgreen
  • Mayor Nanna Video Draws Big Crowd to Annual Meeting
  • Emergency Mead House Repairs of Roof and Steam Boiler Cost Society $11,300.
  • Members’ Help Needed
  • Republicans Swept Dobbs Ferry in 1896 Presidential Election
  • The Berthier Journal: When the French and American Armies Joined in the Dobbs Ferry Area


September 1995
  • Special issue with photos and biographies of Dobbs Ferry servicemen & women
  • Exuberant Rejoicing, Parades, Auto Caravans, Street Dancing and Prayer Marked
  • Dobbs’ V-J Day by Bill Blanck and Hank Walter
  • How Dobbs Participated in World War II
  • Pocohontas to be Part of History Talk by Jean Fritz
Nov, 1995
  • Arnold’s Treachery, The March to Yorktown, Revolution Ends, Tories Leave, Ferry Continues till 1944 by Jean Fritz
  • Mead House Dedication at Fourth Annual Eggnog Party
  • Sacred Heart Celebrates 100 Years of Church Building
Apr, 1995
  • Addorisio’s Letter From Buchenwald Shocks Residents
  • Valentine Program Photos
  • April 30 Gala: Recollections of VE and VJ Days
Jan, 1995
  • The Story of James Jennings McComb – Part I: The Estherwood Connection
  • Pre-Valentine’s Program Announcement
  • Third Annual Clara Mead Egg Nog Party
  • Junior Member Category Approved at Annual Meeting
  • Trustee Filomena Ricciardi Dies At 92
  • George Speyer Bequeath To Society


Jul, 1994
  • The Story of Dobbs Ferry – Part Four: The Hudson River In ’76 by Jean Fritz
  • Dobbs Ferry Hospital: The Beginning by Hank Walter
  • Lawn and Porch Sale Results
  • Board Okays Selling 16 Items to Other History Groups
  • Spring Gala Results
May, 1994
  • Spring Gala: 50-Year Remembrance of World War II
  • The Story of Dobbs Ferry – Part Three: War Comes To Dobbs Ferry, by Jean Fritz
  • Porch and Lawn Sale
  • Raffle
March 1994
  • Society Authorizes Funds for Archival Storage and Office Space in its New Home at the Mead House
  • Society Opposes Indeck Gas Line for Both Aqueduct and Broadway
  • Jean Fritz, The Story of Dobbs Ferry–Part Two; The Two Dobbs Ferrys: to 1765
  • Community Hospital: The Past 40 Years, The Future


June 1993
  • Henry Walter, Dobbs Ferry Women Organize Hudson River Equal Franchise Society in 1909 for the Right to Vote
September 1993
  • Henry Walter, New York Lags in Giving Women the Vote; War Aids Suffrage Movement; 1917 Dobbs Voters Favor Suffrage by 56 Votes
  • Mead House Progress
  • State Gets Collections Policy
Nov, 1993
  • Community Hospital Observes its Centennial at a Gala Evening on December 4
  • Jean Fritz, Dobbs Ferry, The Beginning
  • Thank You, Filomena Riccardi!
  • Frances Tahnee Neill, Margarita Gallo Muller
  • Video Delights Two Groups
  • Mildred Persinger, Quilts at the Mead House
Apr, 1993
  • Modifications of Mead House
  • Upcoming Events
  • Raffle


January 1992
  • Henry Walter, Clara Mead, “A Gracious Lady of the Old School”
  • Barbara Pearce, Clara Mead Leaves 12 Elm Street to Society
  • Henry Walter, Repair and Maintenance Endowment Fund Needed
June 1992
  • Mead House Needs “A Lot of Work”–And Money
  • 130 Attend 1992 Historical Society Gala
December 1992
  • Clara Mead Eggnog Party December 13
  • Sylvia Brownshield, Repairs Strengthen the Mead House
  • Bill, Hank Blanck, Walter, Dobbs Ferry in World War II:1942–The First Year of Sacrifice
  • Annual Irving Celebration Sponsored by Historical Society and Zion Church presents ‘The Changing Face of St. Nicholas’ on December 6


March 1991
  • Your Memorabilia Will Help Tell the Ashford Avenue Story
  • Dobbs Ferry Historical Society Now Video Taping World War II Veterans
  • Cemetery Preservation Report Ordered as Volunteers Take Emergency Action
  • State Denies Overseer’s House Funding
  • NYU Archeologist Suggests Preservation Techniques for Wickers Creek Site
June 1991
  • Bill Blanck, The Environs of Ashford Avenue–Then and Now
  • Tema Harnik, Aqueduct Photograph and Slide Exhibit Will Open This August in Dobbs Ferry Library
  • Kathleen Modrowski, FOWCAS Adopts Wickers Creek, Initiative Sponsored by League of Women Voters
  • Mayzette Edholm Stover, 1924-1948 Village Memories–The Winemaker, History in the Dump, and The Gatehouse Ghost


February 1990
  • Kathleen Modrowski, Wickers Creek Archeological Site Placed on County Inventory of Historical Places
  • Tema Harnik, Dobbs Ferry in the Era of the Old Croton Aqueduct: 1835-1850
  • Bill Blanck, Village Depression Year 1933 is Documented on Video Tape
  • Caroline Kravath, Historical Society Sponsors Little White Church Cemetery Restoration Project Study
  • Virginia Barton, Storms Family Members Identified’
  • Bill Blanck, World War II Dobbs Ferry Subject of Ferryman Special Edition
  • Bill Blanck, Flying Over Dobbs Ferry to Record 1991 Village for Archives and for the Ashford Avenue Project


Winter 1989
  • History At Our Door Step: A Future For The Society At The Aqueduct Overseer’s


March 1988
  • Catherine and Modrowski Walter and Modrowski, Pre-History A ‘The Landing’ – An Important Archaeological Site
  • Yesterday’s News: a chronicle of 1888 : The Blizzard of ’88, How RR Station Location Came To Be, Dobbs Ferry description & its name
  • Kathleen Modrowski, Photo Archives Project
  • Evelyn Fitzgerald, Stained Glass
July 1988
  • Oral History Workshops Mark Community Heritage Year
  • Dobbs Ferry Post Office Nominated To National Register
  • Frances Neill, Restoration On Main Street
  • Tema Harnik, Now Playing On Your VCR! An Oral History Workshop
  • Kathleen Modrowski, Update On Early Indian Site


March 1986
  • Storefront History Theatre
  • Cooperative Artist-in-Residency Links Art, History And Architecture
  • Celebrate Lady Liberty – April 15, 1986
  • Fasnella’s Views Of Dobbs Ferry Now Available To All: Special March Offer For Members On Full-Color Lithograph
October 1986
  • Historical Society Annual Meeting (10/8/86)
  • A Note Of Gratitude To The 1985-86 Trustees Of The Historical Society
  • ‘Storefront History Theatre’ Project Receives Support From Local Business Members & From The Westchester Arts Fund …
  • Oral History Staff Development Course Offered For Area Teachers In March ’87


September 1985
  • “Life Of A River Village” To Be Re-Printed
  • Two Dobbs Ferry Sites Received Markers As 60 Historical Spots Were Noted By County
  • Kind Words And Donations
  • Ecco “Stucco & Stones” ! Ecco L’Italia!
  • NY Foundation For The Arts Artist-In-Residence Planned By Dobbs Ferry Consortium
  • Historical Society Annual Meeting Set Sunday, September 29th, From 3 To 5 pm
February 1985
  • Project Seed Grant From Exxon
  • Joanne Kavanagh Elected President
  • Attic Auction And Appraisal Day
  • Society Members and Supporters
  • Projects In Progress


January 1984
  • Public Programs
  • Historical Society 1984 Gala
  • Preservation Cinema
  • Public Support
  • Archives Research
October 1984
  • Archaeology By Chance: Can You ‘Dig It’?
  • CCJP Interns Summer ’84


Spring 1983
  • Programs For Members And The Public
  • News On Microfilm
  • Oral History In The Classroom
  • Community-Conscious
  • Congratulations To The Resolute Hook And Ladder Company on its 100th Anniversary Of Service To The Village of DF
  • Lincoln Rothschild (1902-1983)
  • Searching For Roots And Other Research Requests
  • Collecting Consultants


March 1982
  • Bad News…….Good News
  • Grants To The Society ….1981-82
  • Christine Roraback, Archives Research Archibes
Fall 1982
  • If You’d Like To Touch The Pages Of History…Volunteer.
  • Grants Keep Us Going
  • Business Memberships Support Storefront History Theatre
  • Guided Architectural Walking Tour Explores The Era Of The Great Estates (10/17/82)
  • Storefront History Theatre


Winter 1981
  • 65 Years Of ‘D.F. Register’ To Be Microfilmed For Public Use
  • Archaeology On The Hudson
  • Genealogy Queries: Seek Information On Lawrence, McClelland, Others
  • H.S. Stained Glass Windows: Society Makes Recommendation
  • Mr. Dobbs Comes To Town
  • Society’s Gala: Throng Enjoys Dining, Wining, Tour & Music (1/17/81)
  • Photos Wanted: Stonemasons, Gardeners, Wine Makers At Work


Summer 1980
  • Frances Neill, Message From The President
  • Grants Totaling $7,760 Awarded To Society By Three Sources
  • Society Seeks Permanent Charter
Fall 1980
  • Slides For Public School Evaluators
  • The Ravekes-Storms Papers Donated
  • Photo Exhibit At Mercy College
  • ‘Art In The Prison’ Talk By Ed Margin On November 21
December 1980
  • Local Churches Aid Quake Victims
  • From Province Avellino…
  • Italian Hilltowns