The Dobbs Ferry Historical Society Presents the Spring 2017 House Tour!

Sunday, June 4th, 2017, 1-4pm

This year we are happy to offer a walking tour of homes on Broadway and Clinton Avenue. All the homes are connected to James Jennings McComb and the establishment and expansion of the Masters School.

Start at the Wilde House on Broadway. This home was built by James Wilde, Jr. as his retirement home. Eliza Masters and her daughters began their new school in this home called Kirk Knoll.

As the new school grew it needed more room. James Jennings McComb’s daughters attended her school. When Kirk Knoll became too small for the school, Eliza Masters thought about moving to Irvington. She was asked by J. J. McComb to stay in Dobbs Ferry. He asked what would keep her here. She asked for the land owned by P.J.Armour across Broadway. So McComb purchased the lots. He continued by erecting buildings for her school. His home was 29 Clinton Avenue before he built Estherwood for his family.

Again in the 1920’s the school needed more room for dormitories. Sarah Masters, now the head of the school, bought and rented houses along Clinton Avenue. These would include The Lindens at 70 Clinton, the Dobbs Ferry Woman’s Club at 54 Clinton and the Satterlee house at 34 Clinton. Also included in her expansion were homes that have now been demolished, Windy Brow, Thornloe, and Bonny Brae.

Please enjoy this walk through history on Broadway and Clinton Avenue.

Tour starts at the Mead House at 1pm. Participants should plan to arrive at the Mead House at that time to pick up their badge(admission ticket) and map/brochure.

Tickets are $40. Click below to purchase in advance using PayPal, or buy your ticket at the Mead House at 1pm on June 4th.

Note: for quantities larger than 1, be sure to hit the Enter key after updating the quantity, otherwise, you will only be ordering a single ticket. Or, click Add to Cart once for every ticket you wish to order.


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